- A unique day for all motorcycle enthusiasts, clubs, and their families to experience ‘Motorcycling at its Best!’

Delhi Bikers Fest

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About Us

Delhi Bikers Fest – “Motorcycling at its Best!” on 17th December 2017 (17.12.17) is that incredible winter day when motorcycle enthusiasts, clubs of Delhi NCR and neighboring cities, outdoor lovers and their families, gather together for an engaging, adrenaline packed Sunday!

In its 4th edition, Delhi Bikers Fest will celebrate the culture of getting out to “Explore More”.

DBF provides a unique platform for budding custom bike builders, vintage collectors and artists to showcase their genius. Interactive games, competitions, seminars, documentary film screening, art and photo exhibitions, food and merchandise stalls, live bands and much more ensures that it is indeed a super memorable day for young and old alike.

By 2013, Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run had completed four incredible years. By then the monthly Saturday morning rides had gone from 40 bikers to 350 bikers. Ride –Respect – Relax was the ethos with people as priority, not the brand of motorcycle they rode.

So in 2014, Delhi Bikers Fest was held with the intention of brining as many bikers together who would showcase “Motorcycling at its Best!” to their curious friends and families. It began with honoring the pioneers of the Delhi motorcycling scene who had been around for over a decade.

Over the years DBF has survived major setbacks, trials and challenges. Hence, the team has grown stronger and is once again humbled and honored to present the fourth edition of what is now a one of a kind festival in India.

Why is it still around?

To celebrate our unique and diverse motorcycle culture from the city streets to the global summit. To empower the brave who take up professional motorcycle related business and give them a launch pad so they can shine! To provide a fun family friendly festival that relies on creative engagement and participation by the community for our city.

What happens on the day?

Ride or drive out 50km out on a road trip to the fest ground. Enjoy the incredible vibe enhanced by live music, exciting competitions, adventure seminars, merchandize stalls, art and photography exhibitions, food court, kids zone, vintage, classic and custom bike displays and much more to ensure there is something for everyone!

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